Are you an entrepreneur who’s confused about how to use the Law of Attraction?

Do you want to attract ideal clients, but you’re not sure who they are or how to find them?

If that’s you, you’re in the right place!


​I’m an entrepreneur with 21 years of experience.  If you’re like me, you probably love being able to decide when you work, where you work and who you want to work with.

As entrepreneurs, we love the freedom of having our own business.  We love to create products & services that enrich our lives and the lives of our clients.

But sometimes the process of getting clear on the type of clients we want and how to attract them can be overwhelming.  Using my extensive knowledge and experience with the Law of Attraction and the Emotion Code, I can guide you to achieve clarity and to attract the ideal clients that you really want.




Meet Coach Cindy

Hey it’s great to have you here!  I’m Cindy Troast, owner of Cindy Troast Coaching, LLC.  Let me tell you a little about myself.

I’m on a mission!  A mission to create a ripple effect of positive energy worldwide, one businesswoman at a time.  Let me explain…

I believe that when women create a business from their passion, from their unique feminine perspective and work with clients who feed their soul, it creates a ripple of positive energy flowing into the world.  It’s the “butterfly effect” and we are all uplifted.

I also know that attracting clients who are energetically aligned to you is just as important as practical business strategies.  I help you with both, but I am uniquely equipped to guide you achieve energetic alignment.

But I remember when I first opened my business. I wanted clients – ANY clients. I just wanted people to hire me and love the service I provided. After a couple of years, I started feeling less than excited when some of my clients called me because I actually didn’t enjoy working with them.

I was getting frustrated because clients weren’t paying on time or weren’t showing up for their appointments. I started to wonder if I had made a mistake by becoming an entrepreneur.

But then I realized that I was unhappy because I wasn’t working with my IDEAL clients. I realized that I hadn’t set a clear enough intention for exactly the type of client I wanted to attract.  Some of my clients were not in energetic alignment with me, which created friction and frustration.

Using the Law of Attraction principles that I know so well, I became clear on the qualities of my ideal client. I started using specific tools and imagining what my day would be like when my calendar was filled with those amazing clients.

I noticed that I started attracting clients with the characteristics that I was looking for. The clients who were not a good match for me began leaving, so I had room in my schedule for my ideal clients.  I felt excited about my business again and I looked forward to clients calling me.

Then people started noticing the change in me & my business.  They started asking me how was I attracting these great clients. I reverse engineered my process and created a system for attracting ideal clients. So I know I can help you attract ideal clients too.

On a personal note….

Here are a few things about me that you may not know.

I’m a breast cancer survivor.  When I was diagnosed, I decided to experience breast cancer, Law of Attraction style.  So I attracted my ideal support system, my ideal surgeon (he LOVED my Law of Attraction method for going through breast cancer) and my ideal treatment.  My cancer experience was very positive and uplifting, not the doom & gloom that popular culture says it must be.

I love the outdoors!  I live in a beautiful area near the mountains.  On any given day, you might find me hiking, camping or quietly meditating next to a mountain stream.

I’m also crazy for dogs – especially Poodles!  Oodles of Poodles! So if you’re an entrepreneur and a dog lover, I’d love to see a picture of your pooch! Here’s my sweet Toy Poodle, Gaby.