LightBringer Healing & Coaching

LightBringer™  is a beautiful LightWeb® healing and coaching modality.

As a LightBringer, I work with you to help you uncover and clear ‘blocks’ in your energy with a soulbased technology called the LightWeb® to facilitate deep transformational healing.

This is a multidimensional healing tool that transcends time and space and works to clear blocks even in past lives.

The LightBringer healing modal tools are so powerful yet gentle, that allow you to heal rapidly, in a safe space that allows you to see your blocks from a higher consciousness and release them effortlessly. 

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Emotion Code

Watch this video to learn about the 7 Keys to the Emotion Code

Are you feeling stuck with your business?

Are you working with clients that are less than ideal?

Do you have chronic pain that just won’t go away?


If this is sounds familiar, you likely have trapped emotions that are holding you back and causing you to attract negative results.  We all have negative experiences in our past. Sometimes, the emotions associated with those experiences can become trapped in our body causing imbalances and long-term negative effects. This is the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying around for years! And like us, our pets can have trapped emotions too.

The good news is that the Emotion Code is a type of energy work that releases these negative trapped emotions.  You can be freed from limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, pain and anxiety.  You can move forward with clarity and confidence, attracting the business and life you’ve always wanted.

Your precious pets can also benefit when their trapped emotions are released.  You can see anxiety, fear, and negative behaviors significantly reduced and eliminated.


Frequently Asked Questions


What type of issues can the Emotion Code help me with?

The Emotion Code can help you release any trapped emotion that could be negatively affecting your personal and professional life.  This includes (but is not limited to) physical and mental health, emotional eating, excess weight, relationships, money blocks, emotional blocks, and creativity.

How are the sessions held?

Your Emotion Code sessions are held virtually, via phone or video call.

How long are my sessions?

Your sessions are 30 minutes each. You can purchase a single session, a package of two 30 minute sessions or the Abundance Package which is three 30 minute sessions.

How should I prepare for my sessions?

Please come to the sessions with a list of topics that you want to work on. Also, it is important to be well-hydrated, so drink water before, during and after each session.


I Am Ready!

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