How can I attract more money?  I’m asked this question all the time.  Most people would like to increase the amount of money that is flowing into their life.

Unfortunately, many of us have received negative messages about money throughout our lives. If you believe, even subconsciously, that money is evil, it will be difficult to attract it!  Realize that money, like fire, is neither good or evil.  Fire can be used to keep us warm & cook our food or it can burn down the house. Money can be used to create good or to create problems.

The Law of Attraction is all about how you feel.  Focus on creating good feelings about money. Imagine having all the money you desire and feel how good that is. Play a mental movie in your mind of all the positive experiences you will create. Create positive attraction statements.  I like to repeat to myself – I love money & money loves me!  We know like attracts like, so if you feel good about money, if you feel happy and excited when you think of money, you will become a money magnet!

Create positive money reminders all around you.  Save pictures on your phone of all the wonderful experiences you’ll create.  Post sticky notes around your home with positive money statements.  I like to start with “I’m in the process of….”  I’m in the process of attracting all the money I desire!

Gratitude is one of the best feelings you can have.  Practice being grateful for everything you have. If you like to journal, then create a gratitude journal.  Spend a few minutes each day writing what you are grateful for.  This doesn’t need to be an essay, you can use bullet points.

Be happy about the money and abundance that is in your life right now.  Do you have a roof over your head and food in your refrigerator?  If you said Yes, but…… STOP!  Celebrate what you DO have, be grateful for what you DO have and you will attract more to you.

The idea is to spend time each day feeling good about money.  How much time? That’s up to you.  But know that the more time you spend feeling positive about money, the more you will be able to attract it.  So spend as much time as you can feeling great about money!