If you’ve ever been blessed with a puppy, you know what a wonderful bundle of energy they are.  Puppies love to have fun, play and run.  You probably also know that puppies can be masters of escape.  If your puppy accidentally escapes out the front door or slips through the gate, the worst thing to do is chase after him. He will think you’re playing a grand game & only run away faster.

What you actually want to do is attract the puppy back to you.  You want to grab a squeaky toy that he loves, or a crinkly bag of treats then get the puppy’s attention.  Let him know that you have something that is even better than the chase game.  Do whatever is necessary to lure him back to you.

But what does this have to do with money?  Well, imagine feeling desperate that you don’t have enough money. You start asking disempowering questions like – Where am I going get more money?  Why am I always broke? Why is this happening to me?  Why do other people get what they want but I don’t?  How will I ever pay these bills?


Allowing yourself to feel desperate and asking questions that will only get you negative answers = chasing away money.  Just like chasing a puppy causes him to run away faster, desperation causes money to run away too.

So what should you do instead?  Develop a positive relationship with money. Create money affirmations that are believable and make you feel good.  For example, I’m in the process of attracting an abundance of money! Or Avalanches of abundance flow into my life in perfect timing!  Or I love knowing that I am attracting more and more money every day!

Change your focus from what you don’t have to what you do have.  We are all abundant in so many ways.  Acknowledge your abundance on a daily basis.  Did a friend buy your lunch this week?  Did you unexpectedly find some money in the pocket of your jeans?  Did you get a discount on something that you purchased?  All of these situations are examples of your abundance, so celebrate!   Get excited about what you do have and anticipate more is coming.

Raise your vibration around money and it will be attracted to you.  Stop chasing money and instead, with love and positive expectation, invite it back to you.